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Is the Cloud Ready Yet? Let’s Ask the Accountants

Technology enthusiasts have long praised the cost savings and simplicity of cloud computing. Early adopters have proven successful with the model, which has driven considerable growth in the market for cloud-based applications. But the late majority, including accounting firms, may yet require some convincing. While accounting firms recognize the benefits, many voice hesitations about moving.

Fear Not, Resellers: Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

When Bob Dylan sang, “The times, they are a changin’,” he probably wasn’t thinking about value-added resellers (VARs). But VARs should pay attention all the same. VARs have traditionally made money selling and servicing on-premises systems, but now cloud computing is poised to rain on their parade. Over the next five to ten years, opportunities to resell software and hardware will dwindle.

Microsoft is “All In” for the Cloud, but What About Dynamics?

All In Resize.001

Over the past couple years, Microsoft has made a dramatic – and welcome – about face on cloud computing. We continue to wonder, however, what this all means for the Microsoft Dynamics product line. It’ll be quite a challenge to move four ERP systems to the cloud and migrate all the customers.

Which Tech Skills Help Accountants Land Jobs?

Tech Skills

To distinguish themselves from countless other applicants after graduation, accounting students should seek out “real world” skills early on. For job seekers in the accounting field, I’ve researched the software systems employers mention most often in their job listings. Have a look to see how your resume stacks up.

Software to Hold “Greenwashers” Accountable

Riding the wave of consumers’ growing interest in environmental sustainability, companies are launching major ad campaigns to tout their green credentials. But many of their claims are misleading or downright false. The ads are compelling, but how are we to know who’s telling the truth? Finally, there is software to hold “greenwashers” accountable.

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