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Q&A with Rob Collie: Is Microsoft Excel the Next Great Business Intelligence Tool?

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Is Microsoft positioning Excel to be a more significant player in the BI applications space? Or, are these new BI features just a natural evolution of the product? To discuss this, I caught up with Rob Collie, CTO of Pivotstream, a provider of cloud-based PowerPivot and Excel services.

Big BI Lessons from Cheezburger’s Notorious B.I.T.

I Can Has BI

Read how online humor network Cheezburger, the company which operates a number of popular websites, such as I Can Has Cheezburger, ROFLazzi, Memebase, LOLcats, and FAIL Blog, improved the output of its business intelligence team–internally coined as the “Notorious B.I.T.”

4 Steps to Creating Effective BI Teams

Creating Effective BI Teams

Teams of BI users today often lack the structure, guidance and leadership to effectively mine data. In this article, I’ll share four steps to establish guidelines, organize teams, delegate data management and allow the success of the BI team to permeate and drive innovation throughout the business.

Is the BI Market Opportunity Understated?

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According to Gartner, Business Intelligence was the second-fastest growing enterprise software market in 2011, with 16.4 percent year-over-year sales growth (from $10.5 billion to $12.2 billion). IDC projects the software market will reach $33.9 billion in 2012. But are market sizing projections understated?

3 Career Secrets for Aspiring Data Scientists

Science Beekers

If you’re up to the challenge and want to obtain a job as a data scientist, the time is now. Demand for data professionals is far outpacing supply, and that should continue as more companies look to analyze their data. For anyone interested in becoming the next-great data scientist, here are three secrets to success.

Data Collection + Business Intelligence = Successful Sustainability Initiatives

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For sustainability to drive process efficiencies–and truly impact the so-called triple bottom line–these initiatives must be measurable, quantifiable and actionable. To support those goals, CSR programs require three things: automated data collection, BI tools and the development of data-minded teams.

BI Buzzword Breakdown | 5 Experts Tackle 3 Business Intelligence Definitions

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You’re drowning in jargon, buzzwords and acronyms at work. And now you’re being asked to learn about business intelligence, and the IT guys are talking about OLAP and ETL and mining some “big data” for this and that out of a warehouse. It can get overwhelming–and I’m here to help.

Business Intelligence 101 | A Beginner’s Guide to BI Software

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If the words “extract transform load” sound like a foreign language, you’re in the right place. Making sense of the business intelligence (BI) software market can be challenging for even the most technical of software buyers. It’s complex stuff, so we’re here to help you understand basic BI concepts.

What’s Lacking in Today’s Business Intelligence Software


Business intelligence (BI) tools extract and analyze important business data, providing companies the information they need to make well-informed, fact-based decisions. However, many tools in the BI market are lacking. Jaime Brugueras explores this issue and suggests ways that BI tools can be improved to offer real benefits.

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