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How to Sound Like a Fortune 500 Company With Your Company’s Auto Attendant

Antique Phone

Despite the fact that an automated phone greeting is often a potential customer’s first interaction with a company, many small business owners don’t take the steps needed to ensure they’re making the right first impression. Here seven best practices for creating your phone greeting.

How VoIP Makes Your Small Business Function Like a Sophisticated Enterprise


Business success ultimately comes down to the quality of products and services, but presenting an image of professionalism and sophistication is also important—especially for small businesses. Here’s three ways VoIP can make your company seem more like a larger, sophisticated enterprise.

Are On-Premise PBX Systems the Best Choice for SMBs?

Phone System

Hosted PBX systems generated considerable buzz when first introduced, pushing on-premise systems out of the spotlight. Now, It’s time to take another look at the hosted vs. on-premise debate. Here, we break down the top five considerations to keep in mind when selecting a PBX system for your small to medium-sized business.

Can You Run Your Business Off Smartphones?

Smartphone Icon Screen

When discussing whether analog business phone lines are better or worse than VoIP systems, an important question often get overlooked: is it more efficient to run your business via smartphones? This article investigates some pros, cons and how-to’s of running a smaller or start-up business with smartphones.

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