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3 Energy Management & Environmental Performance Apps Any Organization Can Afford


Energy management and environmental performance have become integral parts in managing commercial buildings. To meet demand, software developers have launched a range of apps performing energy-related tasks and consumption assessments. Here’s three affordable (and free) apps your organization should know about.

3 Steps to Achieving Zero-Waste

Waste Diversion Efforts

General Motors recently announced its 100th facility to become landfill free. And many other companies–across a slew of industries–are implementing similar programs. I spoke with several industry experts about what it takes to achieve waste diversion. Here are three steps to get started.

Tapping a Valuable Workforce: Hiring Americans with Disabilities in Facility Management Roles


One in five Americans has a disability, and only about half of Americans with disabilities are employed. Organizations like PRIDE Industries, Goodwill Industries, and Melwood provide training and employment to individuals with disabilities often in facility roles. Why should your organization tap into this employment resource?

Resource Recovery Facilities: An Economic And Efficient Energy Supply


Many landfills are becoming resource recovery facilities–places where waste or byproducts are reclaimed and converted into energy. To learn more about these projects and the benefits they deliver, I spoke to several industry experts and looked at three examples of successful projects.

Breaking Down Net Zero Building: Reality or Wishful Thinking?

Net Zero Project

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 requires all federal facilities become net zero by 2030, and all commercial buildings achieve net zero status by 2050. Experts shed light on how to achieve net zero in new or existing buildings, and weighed-in on whether net zero is universally attainable, or wishful thinking.

4 Urban Sustainability Projects You’ve Never Heard Of


Cities across the globe, some long known for their sustainability efforts and others far lesser known, are coming up with some innovative strategies to become global leaders in sustainability and high-performance facilities. Here are four cities with unique sustainability efforts.

Sustainable College Facilities Poll

Sustainable College Poll

With so many colleges working towards sustainability, we’re seeing highly creative solutions come about. We’d appreciate your nominations for colleges that are leading the change. Once we compile responses from students, faculty and industry professionals, we’ll publish a report profiling these schools’ innovative achievements.

A Plain English Guide to Facility & Asset Management Software

Facility Management Software

The range of software solutions within the maintenance and facility management sectors can be overwhelming. We interviewed several experts and wrote this plain English guide to clarify the differences. These are the most common software solutions, and the business challenges they address.

Today’s Top 5 Careers in Facility Management

Maintenance Manager

Today there are more than 7,000 unique job titles in the facility management industry, according to an IFMA report. With input from several industry experts, I have narrowed down a list of the top 5 career opportunities you should know about, along with the degrees and accreditations necessary to achieve these roles.

Creating a Smarter Building with Environmental Sustainability Software

Environmental Sustainability Software

For those of you who manage a facility, you know the myriad pain points that contribute to your environmental footprint can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there’s an emerging branch of facility management software – environmental sustainability software – that’s geared toward creating smarter, more energy efficient buildings.

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