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How Small Earthworks Contractors Can Use Machine Control to Increase Profitability


Machine control is a substantial investment, especially for small earthworks and site prep contractors. But the payoffs for those who make the leap can be considerable. Here, we take a closer look at a few small earthworks contractors that implemented machine control and increased their profits.

5 Ways BIM Can Lower Costs, Speed Production and Delight Home Buyers


Homebuilders are increasingly adopting building information modeling (BIM) for use in their design and planning processes. BIM has many benefits for both homebuilders and buyers. Here are 5 best practices for using BIM to improve the custom homebuilding experience.

The 5 Best Designs in Construction Takeoff Software

Conest Takeoff for Electrical Requirements

On-screen takeoff software can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to calculate materials and labor requirements. To efficiently calculate project needs with digital files, however, contractors need a takeoff program with a well-structured user interface (UI). Here are our five favorite construction takeoff UIs.

Software Advice 2013 Construction Project Management Survey

Construction Project Management Survey

Last year, we surveyed contractors, estimators, building owners and others about their estimating processes and the technologies they use to improve them. To start 2013, we’d like to know about your construction project management best practices. Help us development an industry benchmark report by filling out this survey.

BIM + Project Management Software: The Next Generation of LEED Credit Tracking

LEED Tracking

In 2009, we published an article on how to track LEED credits with project management software. Back then, tracking LEED credits was a new feature in general construction project management systems. Today, there are now software solutions designed specifically to help construction firms track their LEED credits.

2012 Construction Estimating Benchmark Report

Construction Estimating Software Benefits

Over the last few months we have polled contractors, estimators, building owners and many others about their estimating processes. Here, in our first Construction Estimating Benchmark Report, we share our findings. These benchmarks allow you to compare your estimating processes against industry standards.

Executive Interview Series | John Chaney, President of Dexter + Chaney

Dexter + Chaney

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with John Chaney, Co-founder and President of Dexter + Chaney, at our headquarters in Austin, Texas. In our interview, Chaney discussed the state of the construction industry and introduced new features in the latest release of Spectrum construction software.

Austin Homes Overdue for a Green Makeover | Green Contractors Series

Green Contractors

Step aside activists. Stand down environmental groups. Contractors are advancing the green building movement as fast as any nonprofit, green manufacturer or other eco-zealot. They are the guys taking it to the streets to single-handedly spread the adoption of sustainable design and energy efficient construction practices.

The Best Android, iPhone and iPad Apps for Electrical Contractors

App Store Logo

Every now and then we like to pull together a list of the best mobile apps for an industry that we report on at Software Advice . This time, I went digging through thousands of apps to find the ones most useful to engineers, electricians, contractors and hobbyists. Here are the top 10 for each device.

State of the Electrical Estimating Industry: Executive Roundtable

Expert Roundtable

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with the CEOs from three of the leading electrical estimating software companies on the market today. I wanted to hear from the people closest to the pulse of electrical estimating where the industry is heading, trends shaping the current climate and software’s impact going forward.

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