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This year's FIATECH Technology Conference was held just 'round the corner from our office in Austin Texas. FIATECH is a consortium of several companies – including many software companies – united for the purpose of improving design, engineering, construction, and maintenance of large capital assets (i.e. manufacturing facilities, refineries, large commercial buildings, etc). So when we found out the conference would be held in our neighborhood, we fired up our cameras and microphones, and headed straight to the Technology Showcase.

To highlight this year's innovations, we asked attendees, "What are the coolest, and most promising technologies at this year's show?" The most popular response was "iRing." iRing is a set of open source software solutions for ISO 15926 for the capital projects and facilities industry. It is a peer-to-peer service that allows any company to exchange data under the ISO 15926 standard, which is titled "Industrial automation systems and integration — Integration of life-cycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities."

iRing solves a problem the industry has been trying to address for years: it provides a foundation for data interoperability between all members in the capital projects and facility operations/maintenance industries. Check out our video below to hear comments from FIATECH attendees:






Also in attendance at the Fiatech 2010 Conference were leading product lifecycle management (PLM) software and capital program management software companies, including Aconex, CMiC, IFS and Meridian Systems (Prolog). We asked these software vendors:

In a down economy, are you just seeing software purchases scaled back, or are some organizations using the slow time to "get their house in order" and improve efficiency with new software?

Here's what they had to say…





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