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Why Some Homebuilders Are More Successful than Others | Video Interview


Erik Cofield, head of North American sales at Buildtopia, recently traveled to our Austin headquarters to discuss the state of the home builder market. In spite of ongoing bad news, some builders are succeeding. Areas that are faring well include South Carolina, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Oregon and Texas.

Green Roads Construction: Are Contractors Our Roadblock?

Green Roads Construction

The buzz of innovative ideas on how to build cheaper, greener roads is all around us. But the green construction practices that have a demonstrated track record can’t gain traction because of an archaic contractor bidding process. This is a problem that we can no longer afford to ignore given the sheer cost and impact of our highways.

What Functionality Do Construction Software Buyers Want?

CFMA Video 3 Screenshot

In our final round of interviews from the 2011 Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) Conference, we asked software executives about the functionality that construction software buyers are interested in today. Check out the video for their thoughts on the subject.

What’s Driving Firms to Implement New Construction Software?

CFMA Jay Haladay Screen Shot

The Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) held its annual conference this year in Grapevine, Texas. So, we decided to head up I-35 and check it out. While at the conference, we spoke with attendees about trends in construction software. We were lucky enough to sit down with six software executives.

The Best Android Apps for Construction Management

Android Apps for Construction

A year ago, we put together a post on the best construction management apps for the iPhone and iPad. Here, we profile the best construction management apps built for the Android. Each review comes complete with the average user rating, device compatibility and OS requirements, and pricing.

Technology Accelerates the Migration of Contractors

More and more general contractors (GCs) are moving out of state to find work. California firms are bidding on projects in Texas; Nevadans are hightailing it east; Missouri GCs are entering neighboring states. Fewer jobs and more competition is driving this trend. But what makes it possible? Here I explore five applications which are helping contractors pull up stakes.

Automation of Surveying Creates Disruption and Opportunities

automation of surveying.001

The increased adoption of machine guidance systems has renewed the importance of the surveying trade. This technology calls for a highly-trained workforce, and surveyors are the most qualified for this job. Ssurveyors need to learn to use this technology and re-brand themselves.

The Best Construction Management Apps for the iPhone and iPad

Construction Apps for iPhone and iPad

From time to time we like to write about the “lighter side” of construction technology. This time, it’s apps. Specifically, construction apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We decided to build a list of the best construction apps for contractors, project managers and architects.

FIATECH 2010 Technology Conference – Video Exclusive

This year’s FIATECH Technology Conference was held just ’round the corner from our office in Austin Texas. FIATECH is a consortium of several companies – including many software companies – united for the purpose of improving design, engineering, construction, and maintenance of large capital assets (i.e. manufacturing facilities, refineries, large commercial buildings, etc).

Apple 3D Head-Tracking – The Ultimate Display for Construction Plans

The latest talk of the town in the Apple blogosphere is 3D head-tracking. Apple recently filed a patent for technology that allows users to change perspective of an object by moving their head or body. So instead of dragging your mouse to rotate a graph or chart, you simply look behind it; a more intuitive approach (at least in the eyes of Apple engineers).

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