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(AUSTIN, Texas – July 31, 2009) Software Advice, a free online resource for software buyers, has moved its headquarters from San Francisco, CA, to Austin, TX.

Founded in 2005, Software Advice matches technology buyers with the right software for their organization. The company serves a range of vertical markets, including the construction, medical, property management and retail industries. In turn, Software Advice also provides a powerful marketing channel for software vendors that are looking to reach buyers in these industries.

When deciding where to move the company, founder & President Don Fornes said that Austin’s favorable business climate and high quality of life made the central-Texas town stand out.

“We wanted to move to a city where we could grow our business cost-effectively and have a great quality of life. I also wanted our employees to love where they lived. Austin gave us the best combination of a friendly business environment, outstanding professional talent and a quality of life that that is unmatched.”

Austin’s reputation as a technology hub played a large role in the move, Fornes said.

“We knew that as the company grew, we would need to find talented employees with a background in technology and Internet marketing. Moving to Austin means that we can find that talent right here while helping to strengthen local business.”

The company is connecting with that talent by hosting a meet-and-greet happy hour for Austin’s blogger and tech community. The event begins at 6 P.M. on August 13th at the company’s downtown office (Click here for our flyer with more information).

Software Advice also walks the walk on the environmentally conscious business philosophy that is shared amongst so many Austin companies. The Software Advice office at 7th & Congress is paperless. Any documents that come into the office are scanned and stored digitally before being recycled. Each month, the company prints fewer than 20 sheets of paper.

Meanwhile, every Software Advice employee commutes to work by foot, by bicycle or by bus. Employees also man the company’s internal recycling program by sorting and transporting recyclables to Ecology Action of Texas every Friday.

“We definitely made the right choice,” Fornes said. “We love Austin. It’s a great fit. Over time, we hope we can have a positive impact on Austin’s local economy, while continuing to serve software buyers across North America.

About Software Advice
Software Advice ( has helped over 13,000 businesses of all sizes make the right technology decisions. The company has developed sophisticated technology for software needs analysis and requirements matching. Software Advice experts use this technology to match buyers with the right software system during its free telephone consultations. Currently, the company serves the construction, medical, property management and retail industries.

For more information, please contact Chris Thorman at (512) 364-0118.

Update: Here is video from our 1st Annual Summer Bash.

Thank you to everyone who came!

  • maczter

    I feel guilty now. I didn’t read the entire post before I decided to…uhh…print a hard copy of the flyer.

    Forgive me, dead trees, but I have a million tabs open and a project I need to finish before I sleep tonight, and wanted to make sure I didn’t forget the details.

  • Chris Thorman

    Ha…We’ll forgive you about the flyer print out…

  • Michael Drapkin

    Welcome to Austin!!! I hope that it works out great for y’all.

  • Chris Thorman

    Thanks Michael!

  • Ferodynamics

    I’ll try to make it, sounds like fun.

  • Ferodynamics

    Now that you’re in Austin, get your CMS on Central time! ;-)

  • Andy

    excellent.. you said the magic words. “happy hour” aka free beer. look forward to meeting you and welcome to austin ;)

  • Chris Thorman


    Done and done.

  • Michael Chu

    Welcome to Austin! We just moved Cooking For Engineers from Santa Clara, California three months ago to Austin.

  • Jennie

    I love the video!

  • @keepaustinwierd

    Busted! I killed that bowl of chocolate covered raisins. Welcome to Austin! Oscar

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