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Study: What Employers Look for in a Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager Job Study

The emerging role of customer success manager provides high salaries and valuable experience interfacing directly with executive-level clients. We analyzed 300 U.S. job openings for customer success managers to learn what experience, education, and skills employees are looking for in prospective candidates.

Our 5 Favorite iPad CRM User Interfaces (UIs)

iPad CRM

Well-designed CRM software with a clean, intuitive user interface (UI) can make your sales or marketing job much easier. There are many CRM systems designed specifically for your iPad, but which feature the best UIs? We evaluated dozens of systems and selected our five favorite iPad CRM apps.

Our 6 Favorite IT Asset Management User Interfaces (UIs)

Samanage_featured image

In a field as complex as IT asset management, a great user interface (UI) is essential for helping users maximize a system’s efficiency and achieve the best results. We evaluated dozens of IT asset management platforms and selected the six vendors whose systems feature our favorite UIs on the market today.

Field Service Software BuyerView | 2013

field service softwar thumbmail

We analyzed 597 interactions with field service software buyers to compile the 2013 Field Service Software BuyerView report. We identify which deployment model is evaluated most, as well as which features buyers would like their new system to provide, including things like dispatching and work order management.

4 Strategies for Transforming your Demand Process

Demand Process Transformation

In their State of Marketing Audit, the CMO Council dubbed 2013 as “The Year of the Marketer.” But if marketing is going to earn 2013 as our year, this has to change and organizations need to begin thinking in terms of a transformational demand process. Here are four changes in thinking that organizations need to embrace.

Jon Ferrara: How to Build Presence for Truly Social Selling

Blue social icons

Social selling expands on the age-old basics of getting to know your customer and meeting their needs. Today, you can share your passions publicly, humanize your brand, and give your company a face and a personality amidst the conversations, communities, and blogs that millions of prospects frequent.

Google+ Debate: Is Customer Service the New Marketing?

Hangout screent shot CS debate

Software Advice recently moderated a live online debate in Google+ called, “Is Customer Service the New Marketing?” This panel of expert speakers and authors discussed how the roles of marketing and customer service have evolved, and strategies for accommodating these changes.

5 Lessons Learned in Site Retargeting

EMR Price Quote Thumbnail

At Software Advice, we’ve experimented with site retargeting over the last two years. As a young company with a limited budget, we had to learn through trial and error. To help companies that are considering dipping their toes into the retargeting pool, we’d like to share five lessons we learned along the way.

What VCs Want in a Marketing Exec

Searching for Marketing Exec

Whether you’re leading a company seeking venture capital funding, or you’re a marketing exec looking to leap to a startup or expansion-stage company, it’s important to understand what venture capitalists look for in a marketing exec. To get a feel for what VCs look for in a marketing leader, I spoke to several VCs.

Eloqua AdFocus: Marketing Automation Meets Display Ad Management

Eloqua AdFocus

Yesterday, Eloqua announced AdFocus–a tool that allows marketers to manage their display ad targeting within Eloqua’s marketing automation system. To get a sense of how Eloqua customers can use AdFocus, Eloqua offered me an exclusive interview with Rob Bois, Product Marketing Manager at Eloqua.

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