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CRM Analyst,

Demand generation and lead management are two terms that companies should be fairly familiar with, but it turns out there is quite a bit of confusion around the two. Some companies believe they are the same thing, while others know the difference between the two, but are unsure which to invest in.

This is a two-part whiteboard session with Carlos Hidalgo, CEO of Annuitas Group and Executive Director of the Marketing Automation Institute. In part one, Hidalgo defines both terms and explains how companies should view them not as separate entities, but a dual proposition. Demand generation and lead management actually work together to create a more effective customer engagement strategy.

Tune in Monday, December 12th, when Hidalgo will discuss how marketing automation technology can help support your demand generation strategy and lead management process.

*SQL = sales qualified lead; MQL = marketing qualified lead; SAL = sales approved lead

  • Carlos Hidalgo


    Good question.  First and foremost the key areas you need to consider when looking at developing and implementing a lead management process are the following:

    - Data Management
    - Lead Planning
    - Lead Routing
    - Lead Qualification
    - Lead Nurturing 
    - Metrics
    - Content Blueprint

    Each of these process areas are dependent on the others and leaving one out will cause a gap in your process.  

    As for activities that drive demand generation, it has to begin with your content.  By understanding who your buyer(s) is/are and how they buy you can develop the content needed to engage them at every stage of the buying cycle.  How you deliver that content is secondary.

    Hope that is helpful and thanks for the comments.


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