How to Build Brand Advocates Using Social Media


CRM Analyst,

It seems that companies are finally starting to catch on to this whole social media thing. They are reaching out to customers over social channels and listening to what they say. Some are even utilizing social tools for customer service, making it easier for their customers to get help through their preferred channels. So, what's the next step?

Duke Chung, founder of Parature, says that companies need to focus on building brand advocates–ambassadors for your company or product. They go out and spread the good news about you to their friends, family and social circles, and their advocacy translates to new business. In this video, Duke outlines five ways companies can start building brand advocates today. Check it out, and be sure to leave your comments in the section below.

  • Nigel Johnson

    Duke has some good comments.  Customer support through social networks is a good idea considering how much time consumers spend on FB, etc.  There’s a company called Dynamic Signal, not in a directly competitive space, but they have a comprehensive social marketing platform to identify, engage, measure and rewards customers & advocates.  This sounds similar.  I think there are a lot of new solutions emerging so it will be interesting to see if the end-to-end platforms or the point solutions succeed long term.  I would bet on the comprehensive solutions.

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