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Field service work is highly reliant on mobile efficiency. From HVAC to mobile repair and plumbing, any business that manages technicians in the field requires advanced tools for mobile service.

To meet this need, app developers have come up with all sorts of mobile solutions to get the job done. But, not all apps are created equal. I culled through hundreds to identify our favorite Android and Apple iOS options available for field service. I compared ratings, reviews, social shares, downloads and functionality. I then eliminated any applications with fewer than three stars (or no ratings at all), those that were too industry-specific, and those not available in the United States. Please let me know if I left your favorite app off the list.

eWO Plus! Work Order Generator

Ratings: 4 stars with 3 ratings (Android)

Operating System: Android

Why we like it: eWO Plus! Work Order produces professional work slips for HVAC, telecom, aviation inspection and other field service workers. We liked the ease of use and instant export to PDF function. Instead of waiting until the technician is back at the office, your field worker can use this app to instantly send a PDF of their work slip to the customer. Users can easily customize the work slip with their own logos, address and contact information. Also, a signature tool allows the client to sign right on the phone or tablet screen.

DispatchTrack Field Operations

Ratings: 5 stars with 39 ratings

Operating Systems: Android

Why we like it: This easy-to-use mobile tool feeds work status updates into the software so it can be managed and tracked from the office. Instead of manually plotting routes, the dispatcher uses a GPS-enabled drag and drop map from the DispatchTrack software to deliver optimal driving directions based on the technician’s location.

DispatchTrack comes with a credit card swiper and two survey options. Plus, users can capture positive feedback in a widget that can be promoted on the website, Facebook or another Internet channel.


Ratings: 4.5 stars with 19 ratings (Android) and 3 stars with 11 ratings (iOS)

Operating Systems: Android, iOS

Why we like it: The Web-based vWorkApp (available for Android and iOS) software syncs instantly with technician mobile apps for streamlined dispatching and work tracking. We liked the GPS tracker that helps dispatchers assign jobs based on technician location. Each smartphone or tablet that downloads the mobile app shows up on the Web software map as a blue dot that moves in real-time with the worker’s location.

The dispatcher can then drag and drop jobs from a “not assigned” list onto the schedule. Instantly, the corresponding technician receives an alert to their mobile app that they have a new job. Once the worker hits the “accept” button, the job will change status in the Web software. The mobile app also records the time and location stamp as the technician moves through the different job milestones: accept job, arrived at customer location, rendered service, payment received.


Ratings: 4 stars with 14 ratings (Android), 3.5 of 20 (iOS)

Operating System: Android, iOS

Why we like it: GeoOP (Available for Android and iOS) is perfect for smaller dispatchers with two to 100 workers in the field. The GeoOP mobile application works in concert with the company's cloud solution for managing jobs, quoting, tracking time and materials, invoicing and inventory control.  We liked how the home screen mimics the Facebook mobile app, providing immediately familiar navigation. The technician can scroll through jobs by location, or by recently viewed or completed jobs. The user can also hit “all” and scan through all their activities, similar to the Facebook news feed.

Users can add notes to each job in a variety of formats, including audio, photos, texts and attached files. The data is instantly backed up to the software and can be compiled in reports and exported.

FieldOne Mobile

Ratings: 3.5 stars with 16 ratings (Android), 3 stars with 9 ratings (iOS), 5 stars with 7 Software Advice ratings

Operating Systems: Android, iOS

Why we like it: The mobile application (Available for Android and iOS) can accommodate hundreds of field workers and includes all of the standard service functions such as work order management, invoicing and schedules. The welcome screen for the app looks and feels like common smartphone homescreens, so usability is highly intuitive.

We particularly liked the integrated time clock feature. Workers can “punch” in and out from their mobile phones, so you can better track hourly-paid workers. Technicians can also search part inventory and record materials for better inventory management. Each technician only sees the information that is relevant to the job, including step-by-step prompts for completing the work.


Ratings: 4 stars with 3 ratings

Operating Systems: Android, iOS

Why we like it: We liked Synchroteam’s (Available for Android or iOS) clean user interface. Mobile app users can easily scan through the day’s activities at a glance with jobs distinguished by color code and simple text indicators. Once the technician clicks on a job, they are taken to another easily scannable screen with address, description and contact information. The app is backed by Web-based software that dispatches, schedules, maps and compiles reports from job notes collected in the field.


Ratings: 3.5 stars with 94 ratings (Android), 5 stars with 25 ratings (iOS)

Operating Systems: Android, iOS

Why we like it: doForms’ (Available for Android and iOS) biggest advantage is customization. Users can easily create unique forms for dispatching, work orders, inventory, workflow or expenses with no programming required. Technicians can also attach video, audio and images to forms. We really liked the ability to scan inventory barcodes and sketch notes on top of photos. The worker could, for example, call out something in the image by drawing a circle or an arrow.

TeleNav Track

Rating: 3.7 stars with 112 ratings (Android), 3.5 with 80 (iOS)

Operating System: Android, iOS

Why we like it: TeleNav (Available for Android or iOS) marries dispatch and mobile workforce management with cost-saving features. For example, the mobile GPS function not only monitors location, but also driving behaviors. Users can monitor whether the technician speeds, idles excessively or follows an inefficient route. This information helps dispatchers identify waste, correct the problem and reduce fuel costs. The worker also sees their driving behavior from the mobile app. The route summary shows their average speed by street and identify possible delays. We liked the clean navigation screen that flags new activities with red indicators, so technician immediately sees jobs that require immediate action.

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