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How to Use Customer Service to Refine Your Buyer Persona

Buyer Persona Faces

Buyer personas define what potential customers value, want, fear, and object to when they shop. This data is typically revealed during the pre-purchase phase of the customer life cycle, but HubSpot postulates that behaviors expressed during customer service interactions can reveal traits relevant to buyer motivation.

The Secret to Ritz-Carlton’s Customer Service Mojo

Ritz Carlton Entrace

Luxury hotel brand Ritz-Carlton is know worldwide as a model for customer service success, with companies such as Apple following their best practices. Software Advice recently sat down with Ritz VP Diana Oreck to try and discover the secret to their legendary customer service sauce.

A Zappos Lesson in Customer Service Metrics

Zappos Delivery

Zappos founder Tony Hsieh literally wrote the book on modern customer service. His title, Delivering Happiness, staked claim on The New York Times Best Sellers list for 27 consecutive weeks. Want to know his secret? Here’s a peak into how Zappos measures success and productivity with unique performance metrics.

No One’s Opening The Emails – Now What?

Email image - blue

Most companies are doing some level of email marketing, but few are doing it really well. Myths, misguided expectations, and a lack of strategy are the main culprits behind ineffective email marketing. Here are some tips to reset your expectations, increase open rates and realize stronger results.

Marketing Should Own Telephone Lead Qualification

Telephone Lead Qualification

The days where marketers simply fill the sales funnel with names must end. This quantity-over-quality approach to lead generation has fueled the longstanding tension between Sales and Marketing. One way to resolve this tension is to have Marketing–not Sales–take point on telephone lead qualification.

Google+ Debate Results: Will Technology Kill the Call Center?

Debate screengrab

Software Advice recently moderated a live online debate called, “Will Technology Kill the Call Center?” Experts discussed consumer contact channel utilization, technology and the impact of these trends on the future call center. Watch the recording and read about key takeaways from the discussion here.

How Does Your Demand Generation Program Stack Up?

B2B Demand Generation Benchmarking Survey Logo small

Want to know what demand generation channels your peers find most successful? Where are they spending, and how will that change next year? The 2012 B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Report will answer these questions and more. Take the survey today and sign up to receive the results when they are released.

Live Google+ Debate: Will Technology Kill the Call Center?

Phone Headset

Software Advice will host a live Google+ Hangout debate later this month called “Will Technology Kill the Call Center?” Experts will discuss changing consumer support preferences, as well as new technologies for customer service via live chat, email, self service and social media. Will consumers one day skip the phone call altogether?

How Siri Created the Next Big Thing in Customer Service

Siri Image

The rapid proliferation of smartphones and an appetite for more personal self service has sparked a new dawn in mobile customer service innovation. Developers are creating Siri-like support apps that feed the consumer’s need for an instant response and have the potential to become the consumer’s support channel of choice.

5 Tools to Turn Social Listening into Customer Service Action

Social Media Pic

Recent reports reveal a troubling disconnect between what customers expect when they express concerns on social media and how companies respond. Here are five technologies that enable your customer service team to quickly identify, prioritize and route complaints delivered through social media.

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