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ERP Analyst, Software Advice

Cloud is the de facto choice for many start-ups and small companies these days. Before moving business critical applications to the Cloud, however, it's important to understand some of the challenges of moving to the Cloud–and how to overcome those challenges. To help companies better understand what it takes to move to the Cloud, I recently sat down with:

In the first video, we discuss some of the challenges presented by Cloud computing and ways to get beyond those challenges. In the video, we discuss:

  • Coming to terms with outsourcing your data and traditional IT controls.
  • How to determine whether the Cloud is a functional fit for your business.
  • Why CEOs and SVPs need to educate themselves about the true costs and benefits of the Cloud.



In our second video, our panel talks about common mistakes companies make when transitioning to the Cloud and some current limitations to making a full transition. Key areas of consideration include:

  • You have to design for failure and have multiple backup plans ready in case of an outage.
  • The costs go beyond the monthly subscription fee. You need to provision for Internet connection, bandwidth requirements and network needs.
  • Not all applications are ready for the Cloud. For instance, at Software Advice we have difficultly running our telephony in the Cloud due to high call volumes and network limitations.



What are your thoughts on making the Cloud transition? Please leave any advice or personal experience you have to offer in the comments below.

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