Larry Ellison’s Progeny Throughout the Tech Industry


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Much of what we recognize in the software market today – hard-nosed determination, aggressive sales and marketing, personal rivalries – can be tied back to Larry Ellison’s personality and the experience many executives got at Oracle. Over the past four decades, Ellison’s personality and influence at Oracle has undoubtedly had an impact. To help visualize how Ellison spread his genes through the software industry, we put together an infographic of his descendants, so to speak. It’s like a game of Six Degrees of Larry Ellison.

North of Ellison – in blue – is a diagram of executives that work at companies still in existence. Below, in gray, are executives and their companies that have since been acquired. We’ve also circled a few individuals in red to indicate “unique” relationships. Let’s get a discussion going in the comments section about other executives influenced by Ellison and where they work today.

Larry Ellison's Progeny

Many thanks to Russel Pryor for his design.

  • MN

    Hi – here are a few more alums:
    - Sohaib Abbasi (CEO, Informatica)
    - Nimish Mehta (ex Group VP Siebel, ex Senior VP SAP, CEO LumenData)

  • As

    Gary Bloom is CEO at EMeter

  • Guest

    Another alum:  Beatriz Infante, CEO Aspect Communications (public company telecomm, acquired)

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