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Enterprise Software History, Part 2: Minicomputers to the PC

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What seems to be a relatively transparent interaction for us laypeople has been a long road for the engineers, programmers and developers whose hunger for innovation make life simpler today. By the 1970s, the industry was embarking on an entirely new frontier – the birth of personal computing.

Enterprise Software History, Part 1: Origins of Modern Computing

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It’s a story with numerous personalities, mind-boggling inventions and the giants that we know as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Microsoft and Apple. From the early days of programming languages to the booms, busts and consolidations – the maturation of enterprise software has changed the way we do business.

It’s Not About the Web Browser


Today just about every enterprise software vendor offers a web access option. Why then, is the new class of SaaS (or cloud) application vendors racing ahead with great momentum while the rest of the enterprise apps market ambles along with limited growth? To put it simply, it’s not about the browser. Here’s why.

What is SaaS? 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Software as a Service

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While the tech world is laser focused on SaaS, we find that buyers still have a lot of questions. Every day at Software Advice, we hear the same handful of questions about what SaaS is, exactly, and how SaaS differs from on-premise software. We thought it’d be helpful to put together a guide of the top 10 FAQs about SaaS.

Larry Ellison’s Progeny Throughout the Tech Industry

Larry Ellison's Progeny

A lot of what we recognize in the software market today can be tied back to Larry Ellison’s personality and the experience many executives got at Oracle. To help visualize how Ellison spread his genes through the software industry, we put together an infographic of his descendants.

IBM Mergers & Acquisitions: Who’s Next?

At the ripe old age of 100, IBM’s current portfolio is so broad that it’s practically a one-stop shop for enterprise technology. But they’re not done yet. The company recently stated that they will spend $20 billion on mergers and acquisitions in the next five years. We thought it’d be fun to guess who IBM will acquire next.

9 Key Questions to Ask About Your ERP Software License


Choosing the right accounting software can be tough. With so many options and so much technical jargon, finding the package that meets your needs is quite a challenge. But once you have found the software that has the right functionality for your business, you need to make sure you understand the costs.

Microsoft Convergence 2011 Breaking News & Keynote

I’m here in Atlanta, Georgia today where Microsoft is hosting Convergence, the annual user conference for Microsoft Dynamics. I’ll be blogging and Tweeting throughout the day to provide my perspective on the breaking news and mood of the show. In kicking off the keynote, Kirill Tatarinov noted that this is just shy of the largest Convergence yet with over 9,000 attendees.

Are We Entering Another Golden Age of ERP? | Microsoft Executive Interview

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Are we on the cusp of another “golden age” for ERP? In this final installment of our executive interview series, Guy Weismantel, Microsoft’s Director of ERP Marketing, talks about the future of the ERP software market. “It’s a very different type of market that we had previously,” reports Weismantel.

Can Microsoft Compete with SAP and Oracle’s Mid-Market Offerings? | Microsoft Executive Interview

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

In the fifth installment of our series, Guy Weismantel, Microsoft’s Director of ERP Marketing, talks about the changing competitive dynamics for “two-tier” ERP opportunities. Guy explains how SAP and Oracle’s introduction of mid-market offerings has created new opportunities for Microsoft.

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