HR Frontliner Interview: Whole Foods’ Terryl Bronson Part 2


HR Market Analyst,

Earlier this week, I shared the first half of my conversation with the Southwest Regional Recruiter for Whole Foods Market, Terryl Bronson. As Whole Foods continues to grow, Bronson spends the majority of his time on the front lines, and I was interested in hearing first hand about the challenges that they face in frontier markets. As Bronson says, he's not just teaching candidates about Whole Foods, "We're teaching entire communities." No small feat for a recruiter! For a company regularly ranking in Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work, though, it may come as a surprise to find that their approach is little changed from their early days. In the first video, Bronson talked about Whole Foods' team-oriented approach to hiring, as well as what makes Whole Foods' retention strategy. For this video, we moved into some challenges more directly associated with recruiting for an international brand. How do you gauge cultural fit? How do you find qualified candidates for such unique leadership positions? How much active recruiting do you have to do? Bronson's answers may surprise you. Check it out. Key takeaways:

  • Whole Foods looks for more than leadership or grocery experience: They're looking for adaptability and ability to build trust.
  • Because their positions often require such specialized talent, Whole Foods has begun partnering with the local learning community to educate potential candidates. They're not just acquiring talent – they're developing it.
  • Though Whole Foods is certainly a recognizable brand in many parts of the country, they're breaking ground in new territory. Recruiters are faced with the challenge of sharing the Whole Foods experience with candidates, customers and communities at large.

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