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Employment Branding: Recruiting Videos That Do It Right


Recruiting videos can be exciting and compelling, if done right. And by “right” I don’t necessarily mean fancy equipment and video production. I’ve seen plenty of recruiting videos, and there’s one thing that makes some videos stand out from the rest: a strong employment brand.

Why Would Anyone in HR or Recruiting Go to SXSW?

SXSWi TalentNet

South By Southwest (SXSW) is known for many things: indie music, indie film, lots of sponsored (sometimes exclusive) parties. For those working in and with social and digital media or communications, SXSW is about much more. But what does SXSWi have to do with HR and recruiting professionals?

BYOD or Bust: Survey Results Report


Last month, we launched a survey to get a pulse on what companies are doing to manage employee-owned mobile devices. We received responses from organizations ranging from three to 110,000 employees. This article summarizes some of the insights we garnered in the areas of usage, priorities and risk.

5 Tips for First-Time Managers, From First-Time Managers

advice for first time managers

You’ve recently been promoted to “manager.” Congratulations! But as a first-time manager who’s now responsible for the growth and well-being of an entire team, you have no idea what you’re getting into. To help you out, I spoke with a few recently-appointed managers and an executive coach to get some pointers.

Integration and Innovation: Pros and Cons of the Taleo and SuccessFactors Acquisitions

Procurement Arrows

Oftentimes in acquisitions customers get the short end of the stick. I recently spoke with two industry experts to get their thoughts on how–or whether–customers of talent management software vendors Taleo and SuccessFactors will benefit, particularly in the areas of product integration and innovation.

Expert Roundtable – Consumerization of IT: A Call to Arms for HR?

Expert Roundtable

Today, even entry-level employees have access to powerful tools at home, and expect the same access at work. For HR professionals, the effects are hard to miss. How will this shift impact the way an organization recruits, engages and manages its workforce? I’ve invited a few industry thought leaders to weigh in.

Multimedia and the 21st Century Resume

Resume Infographic

Job seekers are attempting to circumvent the keyword-laden resume game entirely with more creative approaches to captivating recruiters and proving qualifications and fit. In this article, I highlight some of the techniques that are replacing the traditional resume strategies.

Creative Benefits to Engage, Motivate, and Retain

office dog

Beyond salaries, benefits can play a crucial role here, but few companies have met this challenge with creative solutions. In this article, I’ll present a few creative benefits ideas that the everyday business leader can offer to attract, motivate, and engage – and do so without breaking the bank.

Exit Interviews: HR’s Diamond in the Rough


Employee retention is a significant pain point in most organizations. The resources spent recruiting and onboarding a single employee can be daunting, and when that employee leaves, those investments walk out the door. Despite this, many organizations don’t manage the end of an employee’s tenure strategically.

Measuring the Value of Soft Skills Programs


Soft skills are what’s needed to bridge the gap between good and great employees. The challenge, of course, is creating objective ways to measure things that are really subjective. There are a few things to keep in mind when measuring soft skills programs, and tools that can simplify information gathering and analysis.

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