What Does a Successful Internship Program Look Like?


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An internship program can be beneficial for both the intern and the employer. For students, a good internship provides experience working in an industry that aligns with their career interests and an opportunity to build relationships with professionals in their chosen field. For businesses, internship programs introduce new and experienced candidates to consider recruiting as full-time hires. But for the internship to be valuable for both parties, businesses must be prepared to invest time in creating a meaningful learning experience for students.

To help you determine what a successful internship program could look like, I interviewed two professionals for their advice on establishing and fostering a valuable internship experience. In the following video we discuss:

  • Tips for building a successful internship program
  • How students and employers can benefit from an internship
  • Common challenges for internship seekers and employers

Our guests are Andrew Maguire, CEO of InternMatch, and Larry Smith, founder and editor of SMITH Magazine, home of the Six-Word Memoir Project.

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