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5 Ways Manufacturers Can Take Advantage of the Industrial Internet

Manufacturing and the Industrial Internet

Big data is not just for predicting election outcomes and mapping genomes. More and more predictive analytics and related technologies are able to help manufacturers boost performance, streamline processes and better compete in the global marketplace. Here we profile five ways manufacturers can use these technologies.

History of Manufacturing Software

ERP Leaders

Manufacturing was one of the first industries to support commercial software. And developments in the evolution of manufacturing software led to the software class known as enterprise resource planning (ERP). This post looks at the history of manufacturing software as well as important people, places and events.

3 Manufacturing Apps Taking Advantage of Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Procurement clouds

The emergence of platforms-as-a-service (PaaS) for the manufacturing sector is creating new possibilities in the way manufacturing applications are developed, distributed and consumed. PaaS lowers barriers to entry for third-party developers to create applications that tackle specific manufacturing problems.

Should You Become a Manufacturer? Yes, You Should

3d printer.001

The next manufacturing revolution has begun–and it’s being led by individuals, not multinational corporations. This manufacturing revolution is about empowering individuals with the same types of manufacturing capabilities that were once only available to large corporations. It’s about democratizing manufacturing.

Three Ways to Overcome the Manufacturing Skills Gap


A recent Deloitte report estimated that as many as 600,000 jobs U.S. manufacturing jobs are unfilled. Why? There’s a skills mismatch in the manufacturing industry. With unemployment sitting at 8.3 percent, this is cause for concern. Whatever the causes, we now need to work together as a nation to overcome the skills deficit.

How Manufacturers Can Use Social Media to Win Business

Social Media in Manufacturing

In an industry that relies heavily on word-of-mouth to acquire business, social media tools can help contract manufacturers and job shops stand out from the noise and gain a competitive advantage on a global scale to win new customers. In this article, I discuss how manufacturers should get started with social media.

What’s the Difference Between MRP and Production Planning and Scheduling?

MRP Software vs. Production Planning & Scheduling

In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, it’s more important than ever to use information technology to drive efficiencies. Deploying the right manufacturing software – either material requirements planning (MRP) or production planning and scheduling – is particularly important when it comes to planning.

What Does Social Manufacturing Look Like?

Social Manufacturing

Timing is everything. And this year’s Dreamforce conference, the annual Salesforce event that drew 45,000 people, saw an impeccable display of timing when the Kenandy launch took front and center stage. For those of you that might have missed it, Kenandy is the new manufacturing software kid on the block.

How Manufacturing Can Attract Young Talent Again

Manufacturing Attracting Talent

In my view, it seems like the twenty-something and younger crowd would sooner plan the next great civilization on Sims City rather than actually make it happen. We’re a generation that’s obsessed with being cool, and manufacturing doesn’t seem very cool. It got me thinking – can we make manufacturing cool again?

Small Business Manufacturing Software | 5 Affordable Options


We talk to a lot of small manufacturing firms. Many of them are still using spreadsheets to track inventory, plan their bill of materials (BOM), and schedule production. To help manufacturers that are ready to leave the world of spreadsheets, we put together this guide on small business manufacturing software.

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