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How Manufacturing Software Should Adapt to Support Lean Principles

MRP vs. Lean

There’s a long-standing tussle between manufacturing strategies. On one side is the philosophy that material requirements planning (MRP) software is required to adequately plan production. On the other side is the lean philosophy, which argues that these planning tools are too rigid to reflect actual production environments.

Advice on Software from Job Shops at the Top

Job Shop Software Advice

Job shops across the United States are trying to figure out how to beat the competition. While we all know there’s no panacea for the manufacturing industry, it never hurts to look at how others in the industry are succeeding. Toward that end, I recently caught up with four job shops that are thriving in the current economy.

What’s the Difference Between MRP and Production Planning and Scheduling?

MRP Software vs. Production Planning & Scheduling

In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, it’s more important than ever to use information technology to drive efficiencies. Deploying the right manufacturing software – either material requirements planning (MRP) or production planning and scheduling – is particularly important when it comes to planning.

What Does Social Manufacturing Look Like?

Social Manufacturing

Timing is everything. And this year’s Dreamforce conference, the annual Salesforce event that drew 45,000 people, saw an impeccable display of timing when the Kenandy launch took front and center stage. For those of you that might have missed it, Kenandy is the new manufacturing software kid on the block.

How Manufacturing Can Attract Young Talent Again

Manufacturing Attracting Talent

In my view, it seems like the twenty-something and younger crowd would sooner plan the next great civilization on Sims City rather than actually make it happen. We’re a generation that’s obsessed with being cool, and manufacturing doesn’t seem very cool. It got me thinking – can we make manufacturing cool again?

Small Business Manufacturing Software | 5 Affordable Options


We talk to a lot of small manufacturing firms. Many of them are still using spreadsheets to track inventory, plan their bill of materials (BOM), and schedule production. To help manufacturers that are ready to leave the world of spreadsheets, we put together this guide on small business manufacturing software.

21st Century Supply Chains Require Demand Driven Rules and Tools

ddmrp logo.001

Globally supply chains are becoming more complex. Companies struggle with the increased difficulty to plan and manage. Today, too many people think of supply chain tools as warehouse management systems (WMS), product lifecycle management (PLM) or logistics management packages. This is a huge mistake.

Manufacturers Are Hiring Again; What Skills Are They Looking For?

Market Trends Thumbnail

Good news keeps coming from US manufacturing. Since the beginning of 2011, the manufacturing industry has added over 100,000 jobs to the economy. Economists expect this trend to continue, predicting manufacturing to add another 230,000 jobs before year end. So, what skills are currently in high demand?

The Cloud ERP Shortlist for Manufacturers

cloud erp .001

Manufacturing software vendors are making aggressive moves to the cloud. In the past year alone, four vendors rolled out full suite SaaS offerings for the industry. I thought I would spotlight five cloud ERP vendors in manufacturing: Epicor Express, Infor SyteLine, NetSuite, Plex, and SAP Business ByDesign.

5 Strategies for Growing as a Domestic Manufacturer

Manufacturing and the Industrial Internet

Domestic manufacturing is an unexpected Cinderella story. As the United States clears the worst recession since the 1930′s, manufacturing has grown revenue for the 17th straight month. ­To continue on this growth track, and remain competitive, domestic manufacturers will need to adopt new business strategies.

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