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The Top 5 Women in Health IT You Should Know

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Women are responsible for making the health care decisions for their children in 80% of families, according to a 2010 report by the Kaiser Family Foundation. So it’s surprising we women are underrepresented in the world of health IT–one of the most important segments of health care.

3 iPhone and iPad Medical Devices We’d Like to See

ipad medical peripherals

In the first part of this series we discussed cool new iPhone and iPad medical devices. These clever devices use simple plug-in peripherals to turn an iPhone or iPad into a full-fledged medical device. Since they can make accessing and understanding personal health data easier for patients, as you might

An Ophthalmologist EMR Checklist: 4 Characteristics of the Ideal EMR

Ophthalmologists who are evaluating electronic medical records (EMR) systems will want a solution that can display and capture patient data in a way that supports the unique needs of their speciality. But what specific characteristics should an ophthalmologist look for in an EMR?

5 Medical Peripherals for the iPad or iPhone


The iPad and the iPhone are a huge hit thanks to their ease of use, mobility and Internet connectivity. The range of available apps has amazed all of us with the versatility of these devices. In health care, they can be turned into a wide range of medical devices with just a few simple add-ons and plug-ins.

How to Succeed with Electronic Medical Records | 8 Tips from Real Users

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What separates those who realize the benefits of an EMR from those who don’t? What are the critical success factors that can help ensure a practice’s switch to EMRs is truly transformational? To find out, I spoke with representatives of three healthcare organizations where EMRs are in place.

Attract Patients & Keep Them (Healthy) with Social Media


Two-thirds of physicians use social media in their practice of medicine, a September study by QuantiaMD and the Care Continuum Alliance reported. Why? Marketing, brand awareness and business development. Ready to be social? Know your target audience and its habits, and you’ll be in a better position to reach them.

5 Reasons the iPad Will Revolutionize Home Health


The iPad empowers home caregivers to provide kick-ass, compassionate, logistically efficient and accountable care at a lower cost. Apps built to run on iPads transform what a home care giver can do in her day, how effective she is at providing care, how much it costs her to do so, as well as the overall patient experience.

Medical Billing Software for Mac | 2011 Guide to Mac Medical Billing Systems


We talk to many providers who run their medical practices on Macs. Finding a medical billing software solution that’s right for a Mac-based practice can be time consuming. So to start you out, we’ve put together a list of some of the more popular medical billing software solutions for Macs.

Mobile Spotlight Series: Greenway PrimeMOBILE


Greenway Medical is one of the leading providers of mobile electronic health record (EHR) applications. They have introduced native applications for the iPhone and iPad, and will release an Android app this fall. PrimeMOBILE, their flagship EHR app, allows providers to access patient facesheets, capture charges and more.

How to Attest for Meaningful Use (MU): 3 Tips from a Meaningful User

Meaningful Use

According to an August 3 report, 2,246 eligible providers and 100 hospitals have successfully attested to meeting Meaningful Use (MU) criteria. Among these early adopters was Premier Family Physicians. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Kevin Spencer, a board-certified family physician with Premier Family Physicians.

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