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Rent Out Your Spare Office Space… With AirB2B?


Popular websites such as Roomorama and Airbnb have already proven that the model of short-term renting out your residential space online works. So why not offer the same opportunity to businesses that have extra space, or professionals who need a place to work? The branding practically writes itself: Not Airbnb, but AirB2B.

Survey Reveals the Best Incentives for Retaining Tenants


Advertising for new residents can cost thousands of dollars, so retaining the quality tenants you already have is becoming a top priority for property managers, especially in a booming multifamily market. We wanted to find out what kinds of incentives residents are willing to stay for, and the results are in.

Six Lease Agreement Amendments to Make Airbnb Work for You (Not Just Your Tenants)


As sites like Airbnb grow in popularity, many landlords suspect their tenants are listing their properties as STRs – against lease terms. Some landlords are working out alternatives that sidestep conflict with tenants and increase profits. We consulted with real estate lawyers to create 6 amendments to include in your leases.

Property Management Benchmark Survey

Construction Project Management Survey

We developed this survey in partnership with Buildium and AppFolio to gauge how property management companies are using technology, and what business benefits they’ve seen from implementing a property management software solution. We welcome feedback from all property managers.

Why Property Owners Should Consider Micro-Apartments

micro apartments featured

Micro-apartments are designed to target middle-class, single, and Generation Y residents in urban centers. Property managers in densely-populated cities have the opportunity to capitalize on this trend. This could be an opportunity to convert units into micro-units, yielding more rentals in your portfolio.

Drones: A Controversial Eye in the Sky for Property Managers

Drone in the sky

The FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act will require the FAA to accept the flight of drones in U.S. airspace by 2015. Potential commercial uses for UAVs is of interest to both real estate and property management professionals. What’s the potential future of drones in the U.S. market?

Mobile Leasing: The Future or More of the Same?

Apartment for Rent

Industry insiders say things are changing a lot for tenants of high-end apartment communities, but many of us will still be filling out paper applications. But we may get to pay our rent and submit maintenance requests online. While searching for that great new place, expect to be courted with apps and mobile-friendly websites.

Winning & Losing Craigslist Ads

House for Rent

Craigslist is a valuable marketing tool for rental property owners–particularly because it’s free. Maximizing the value of your property’s ad can attract more tenants, and save over time in advertising costs (vacancy equals loss of income). I’ve gathered insights from industry experts to define what makes a winning and losing Craigslist ad.

5 Simple Ways to ‘Green’ Your Properties’ Landscapes

Green Landscape

Landscaping can be a tedious and expensive burden for property managers, “Green” landscaping may seem even more daunting. But, making your rental property greener can make it more marketable–plus, a green landscape generally requires less upkeep, with lower maintenance costs.

Turning Your Property Website Into a Lead-Generating Machine

Rental Apartment

Today’s real estate professionals feel the need to be everywhere online in order to generate more leads. What’s more important than having your listings in as many places as possible is having a strong website to back up the material you’re posting. Here’s six tips on how to turn your website into a lead-generating machine.

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