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The Real Challenge Retailers Face in Building Data Security Confidence


From the Snowden revelations to the long list of consumer data breaches, data security is a hot topic. It’s also one that has a significant effect on consumer confidence, which can impact buying decisions. What does it all mean for the nation’s retailers? We conducted two surveys to find out.

Our 8 Favorite iPad Point of Sale User Interfaces (UIs)


Offering the full suite of POS functionality, including inventory tracking and customer records, iPad POS options are especially useful for mobile merchants, such as food trucks. To give you a better sense of the options available, we evaluated dozens of iPad POS systems and selected the eight vendors with our favorite UIs.

4 Ways Retailers Increase Sales With Mobile-Enabled Foot Traffic Analytics


Mobile-enabled foot traffic software tracks shopper movement by the signal smartphones give off. The data gathered lets retailers analyze customer movement around the store and the insights gleaned can help improve shopping experiences. Here are four ways retailers use this tech to increase sales.

2012 Retail Email Marketing Survey

Email thumbnail

Email marketing is a powerful channel for brick-and-mortar retailers looking to notify customers about promotions, deals and store announcements. How are effective retailers ensuring their email marketing campaigns are successful? Retailers, I’d like your help. Please take a moment to complete this short survey!

iPad POS Software | A Guide to Mobile Point of Sale Applications


Retailers have been waiting for a great tablet computer. With Apple’s iPad and iOS, software vendors now have a device and platform to develop great retail applications and move the point of sale to the sales floor. To help users with their search, we’ve put together a list of our ten favorite retail iOS POS applications.

A Three-Step Approach for Retail Loyalty Program Success

Keep This Coupon

Many retailers are paying the Groupons of the world to access new customers – only to have those buyers never return. With these promotions, it can be difficult for retailers to retain customers. Loyalty programs can help establish the right platform to retain and analyze spending, while cultivating a relationship with buyers.

Smartphones: The Next Retail Checkout Terminals

Checkout Terminals

Currently, the modern U.S. retail checkout experience is dominated by two types of point-of-sale (POS) technology: traditional and self-checkout. While self-checkout has grown in terms of visibility over the past two decades, there are indications that this version of self-serve sales processing may be on its last legs.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems for Small Business | 5 Affordable Solutions


We hear from a lot of small retailers who don’t have much software experience. But many are ready to ditch that old cash register and invest in retail management systems that offer more advanced point of sale (POS), customer relationship management (CRM), and inventory management functionality.

Whose Responsibility is It to Protect Our Ewallets?

Phone Shopping Cart

Your smartphone is many things — mobile phone, personal organizer, music player, social network manager, digital camera, personal computer. Are you ready for it to also be your wallet? This technology isn’t years away; it’s actually going to be included in your next phone upgrade…or may be in your phone now.

Best Retail Apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android Phones

App Store Logo

Whether you own a small retail chain or sell items out of your brother’s apartment, there’s an app for that. Developers are beginning to produce mobile tools to help retailers operate their businesses. These apps help with everything from clocking in to checking out a customer to creating sales reports.

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