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The Real Challenge Retailers Face in Building Data Security Confidence


From the Snowden revelations to the long list of consumer data breaches, data security is a hot topic. It’s also one that has a significant effect on consumer confidence, which can impact buying decisions. What does it all mean for the nation’s retailers? We conducted two surveys to find out.

Our 8 Favorite iPad Point of Sale User Interfaces (UIs)


Offering the full suite of POS functionality, including inventory tracking and customer records, iPad POS options are especially useful for mobile merchants, such as food trucks. To give you a better sense of the options available, we evaluated dozens of iPad POS systems and selected the eight vendors with our favorite UIs.

4 Ways Retailers Increase Sales With Mobile-Enabled Foot Traffic Analytics


Mobile-enabled foot traffic software tracks shopper movement by the signal smartphones give off. The data gathered lets retailers analyze customer movement around the store and the insights gleaned can help improve shopping experiences. Here are four ways retailers use this tech to increase sales.

Who Will Amazon Buy Next?


Amazon is no stranger to acquisitions. In fact, the company has acquired 42 companies since its first acquisition in 1998, and has invested in several more. Today, Amazon has the currency with which to grow by acquisition or investment. The question is, who might they acquire next? Here are eight contenders.

The Starter’s Guide to Effective eCommerce Fulfillment

Shipping Boxes

Congratulations! Your new ecommerce website just went live, you’re doing some great marketing to attract new customers, and you’re eagerly awaiting for orders to come flooding in. But you might have neglected one aspect of ecommerce: fulfillment. In this article, I’ll focus on how to excel at fulfillment and grow your operation.

6 Mobile Apps Restaurant Owners Should Know About

iPhone apps

I’ve sifted through hundreds of mobile apps and put together a list of six that can entice customers, improve operations and help restaurant owners differentiate their businesses. We all know of the massive impact OpenTable has had on the restaurant industry. Could one of these apps be next?

Is Amazon’s Sales Tax Acceptance the Killshot to Offline Retail?

Amazon Thumbnail

Amazon is now making an abrupt about-face and will begin charging sales tax in more states. The suspected reason: Amazon wants to offer same-day shipping, which will require building distribution centers in metropolitan areas across the country. Here’s what bloggers and analysts are saying on this shift in strategy.

Want to Master In-Store Fulfillment? Think Like a Warehouse


In an attempt to better service its online customers, Macy’s is working to outfit approximately one-third of its retail outlets with the ability to fulfill online orders. This article outlines what retailers will need to do to enable their stores to be efficient distribution points–in short, to make their stores more like warehouses.

5 iPad POS Tips For Retailers, From Retailers

ipad pos

When it comes to tablet deployment, it’s no longer a question of if, but when for many retailers. In the past week, I spoke with three retailers that have recently deployed POS solutions on Apple’s iPad to learn what they would tell those considering a similar move. Here are their five tips for retailers ready to move to the iPad.

2012 Retail Email Marketing Survey

Email thumbnail

Email marketing is a powerful channel for brick-and-mortar retailers looking to notify customers about promotions, deals and store announcements. How are effective retailers ensuring their email marketing campaigns are successful? Retailers, I’d like your help. Please take a moment to complete this short survey!

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