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Empowering Associates to Assist the Educated Consumer


Best Buy is beginning what will surely be a long, painful transformation. Frankly, I’m not surprised by Best Buy’s troubles. Visiting their stores, I’ve been frustrated with the associates–who often appear more interested in selling me a warranty than solving my problem. But are the individuals to blame?

Adding a Pinterest-Twist to Fix Facebook Commerce

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It’s easy to understand why every retailer wanted a Facebook storefront. Retailers would be hard-pressed to find a larger customer base in one place. However, several major retailers have recently closed their storefronts due to lack of success. Here’s how Facebook could create a strong(er) referral-traffic commerce model.

Mobile Payments: FAQs for Retailers

mobile payment faqs

Retailers can–and should–play a role in driving consumer adoption of mobile payments, and retailers should act now rather than later. Retailers need to understand the technology and implications of mobile payments to avoid being caught flat-footed. Here are some answers to questions retailers frequently ask to get you started.

Four Benefits of Integrating Traffic Analytics into POS Software

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Today, many POS solutions lack the capacity to provide information on retailers’ sales opportunity in terms of in-store traffic. In this post, I’ll explain how traffic analytics can help small retailers improve conversion rates, as well as outline four ways that using these in-store traffic analytics can benefit store owners.

Vendors Can Help Maximize Retail Software Deployment

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It’s becoming increasingly difficult for retailers to maximize POS software functionality – not to mention integrate other tools like social media – all while keeping the in-store experience engaging. I see three areas where vendors can help ease the migration to new POS systems with expanded consulting and training services.

iPad POS Software | A Guide to Mobile Point of Sale Applications


Retailers have been waiting for a great tablet computer. With Apple’s iPad and iOS, software vendors now have a device and platform to develop great retail applications and move the point of sale to the sales floor. To help users with their search, we’ve put together a list of our ten favorite retail iOS POS applications.

A Three-Step Approach for Retail Loyalty Program Success

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Many retailers are paying the Groupons of the world to access new customers – only to have those buyers never return. With these promotions, it can be difficult for retailers to retain customers. Loyalty programs can help establish the right platform to retain and analyze spending, while cultivating a relationship with buyers.

Smartphones: The Next Retail Checkout Terminals

Checkout Terminals

Currently, the modern U.S. retail checkout experience is dominated by two types of point-of-sale (POS) technology: traditional and self-checkout. While self-checkout has grown in terms of visibility over the past two decades, there are indications that this version of self-serve sales processing may be on its last legs.

Retail Software: Your Groupon Advisor

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Groupon has ushered in a new age of marketing and advertising, becoming as synonymous with the daily deal craze as Google is with search engines. With a valuation around $30 billion, Groupon started the next great business fad, somehow fended off a new crop of copycat competitors, and made couponing cool again.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems for Small Business | 5 Affordable Solutions


We hear from a lot of small retailers who don’t have much software experience. But many are ready to ditch that old cash register and invest in retail management systems that offer more advanced point of sale (POS), customer relationship management (CRM), and inventory management functionality.

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