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5 Mobile Technologies Retailers Should Be Using Now


Technology has always played a major role in the evolution of the retail industry. From the introduction of the barcode to the installation of the first IBM 3660 supermarket system, technology has influenced the way retailers run their business. Today, e-commerce and m-commerce are driving the next major shift in retail.

Please Kill the Paper Receipt – Updated

Updated May 14th 2010 – We recently hosted a poll to gauge the level of interest in ending paper receipts. We had a great turnout with over 200 voters. Thank you to all those who participated and to the bloggers who helped us spread the word about this! Out of 226 votes, 202 people or 89% said they support getting rid of paper receipts.

5 Reasons Retailers Replace their Retail Management System

As software selection advisors, my team has talked to thousands of retailers considering a major new software purchase. The vast majority are replacing an existing system – one they’ve used for years. Why? Why replace what’s familiar? Why pay up for something entirely new when an upgrade is – on paper – less expensive? Why move away from a long-term vendor relationship?

Retail CRM for a Down Economy

Retaining customers and increasing “share of wallet” are critical in the current tough economy. Consumers spend less, competition is fierce and even well known chains are going out of business. To remain competitive – and solvent – retailers need to develop more profitable relationships with their customers.

An RFID Primer for the Small Retailer

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has been a hot topic throughout the retail supply chain for a few years. However, its adoption has largely been confined to larger retailers like Wal-mart. Given Moore’s Law – computing technology will exponentially increase in processing power while lowering in cost – we can expect to see RFID become accessible to the small and mid-size retailer in the near future.

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