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We hear from a lot of small retailers who don’t have much software experience. But many are ready to ditch that old cash register and invest in retail management systems that offer more advanced point of sale (POS), customer relationship management (CRM), and inventory management functionality.

To make their search easier, we’ve put together a list of five point of sale systems for small retail businesses – each of which have low up-front costs of less than $2,000 for software.

Side-by-Side Feature Comparison

Retail software vendors commonly offer three types of applications: POS, inventory management, and CRM. Some will also offer capabilities such as merchandise planning, retail accounting, warehouse management, and e-commerce. Here’s a side-by-side look at each product and the functionality they offer.

Comcash POS
Retail ManagerDemo
Dynamics RMS
POS Prophet
Retail  STAR
Point of Sale
Inventory Management
Merchandise Planning
Retail Accounting
Warehouse Management

Types of Stores Served

We hear from a wide range of small retailers—from mom-and-pop restaurants to small auto shops. We’ve put together this chart to show which store types are served by the five point of sale systems we’ve picked.

Comcash POS
Retail ManagerDemo
Dynamics RMS
POS Prophet
Retail  STAR
Apparel & Footwear
Auto & Parts Dealer
Books & Music
Consignment & Pawn Shops
Convenience & Gas Station
Electronics & Appliances
Furniture & Home Decor
Grocery & Supermarket
Guns & Tactical Gear
Hardware & Building Materials
Industrial Supplies & Machinery
Liquor Store
Sporting Goods
Toys & Hobby Shop


Since 1996, more than 5,000 retailers have used Comcash retail software products. We feel that Comcash POS is a great retail management system for small retailers. The software is compatible with touchscreen hardware that is great for many retail specialties, ranging from grocery and convenience stores to toys and hobby shops. The system can be deployed on-premise on Windows servers and operating systems, or it can be hosted by Comcash. The system also integrates with QuickBooks, making it ideal for transitioning retailers.



GoldTech Retail Manager is a retail management system that can successfully grow with retailers’ businesses, offering support for retailers with one to fifty stores. The system offers point of sale, CRM, inventory management, and warehouse management functionality, and is ideal for specialty retailers. An integrated SKU-matrix for specific sizes and colors allow for simple apparel inventory processing. The system is also designed for retailers that deal with repairs, making it a great choice for bike shops. Retail Manager is offered as both an on-premise and cloud-based system, and can be paid for either up-front or with monthly installments.

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Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) is Microsoft’s software application designed specifically for retailers. Dynamics RMS includes inventory management, CRM, and employee management functionality with its point of sale system. We feel that the employee management tools make this system unique, with features such as a built-in time clock and employee restrictions for discounts and inventory processing. Dynamics RMS is offered in two different versions, one for individual stores, and one for a head office. This makes it a good choice for both single stores looking to grow and multi-store retailers. Dynamics RMS runs on Windows servers and operating systems.

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POS Prophet Systems is an affordable POS system for both start-ups and medium-sized retailers, with both up-front and monthly pricing models. The system has integrated payment processing for gift and credit cards, and advanced inventory tracking to help sales processing, inventory management, and marketing run smoothly. In addition to the main retail version, POS Prophet Systems also offers a version for quick food service. PPS integrates with both QuickBooks and Peachtree, making it a great choice for those are transitioning from these systems or wish to continue using them. The POS Prophet Systems team is a certified Microsoft Partner, and runs its point of sale system on Windows Servers and operating systems.

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Cam Commerce has been a leading provider of retail software for over 25 years, providing both general and specialty retail solutions. Retail STAR by Cam Commerce is a complete retail management suite with CRM, accounting, merchandising, inventory management, and e-commerce functionality. The system supports both single-key and touch-screen inputs to make both inventory and sales processing easy. In addition to implementation and training services, Cam Commerce provides data conversion and business consulting services. It runs on Windows servers and operating systems, and can be purchased up-front or paid off monthly. Retail STAR can even be free if retailers enroll in Cam Commerce’s annual subscription plan.

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For a complete list of the best POS systems for retailers of all sizes, check out our Retail and POS Software Buyer’s Guide.

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