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Consumer-Driven Technology Creates the Need for a C-Level Supply Chain Focus

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Due to workforce talent shifts and the apparently unbreakable mantra that “supply chains aren’t sexy,” Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook represents a metaphorical coup for a logistics field in a high-level talent crisis. What’s most surprising about Cook’s ascension up the ladder is his origin in the supply chain.

Relationships 101: Back to Basics for Supplier Management

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Many of the issues in modern supply chains aren’t actually due to globalization. Rather, they’re a result of a de-emphasis in the importance of managing the relationships that “turn the wheel.” While software systems are great at managing transactions, they don’t remove the need for buyer and supplier relationships.

Gas Stats: How Rising Fuel Prices Affect Logistics

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Businesses executives around the world are experiencing lighter wallets, higher blood pressure, and more logistical nightmares. The cause? Rising gas prices. As consumers, we feel it at the pump. But businesses also rely on efficient (read: cheap) transportation to survive and be profitable.

What Does Social Media Mean to Your Supply Chain?

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If social media is powerful enough to tighten the bonds between brands and consumers, is it powerful enough to tighten your supply chain? From the perspective of the supply chain professional, the Connected Experience puts us one step closer to answering the question: what do my customers want to buy?

2011 Market Trends Report: Procurement

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Demand for procurement software is improving. Large enterprises are back in the market driving big deals, while mid-market firms are implementing sophisticated procurement systems for the first time. Cloud computing is behind most of the positive trends in this market, including increased adoption and improved collaboration.

2011 Market Trends Report: Warehouse Management Systems

WMS Market Trends

Software vendors are offering enhanced products for logistics executives looking at new Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). These systems feature inventory and labor management applications, and further integrate warehouse, distribution, and transportation operations.

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