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Nine Job-Seeking Tips for College Graduates

Through my experience interviewing hundreds of recent grads for my own business, I’ve come up with this list of tips for job-seeking, recent college graduates.

Beyond Wall Street and Sand Hill Road: Career Fulfillment for Bright Young Things

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The United States is at a critical juncture where individual career choices impact our ability to compete in the global economy. Many young capitalists pursue wealth creation, and we applaud their success, with only a secondary consideration of what path they take to achieve prosperity. But this is changing, and for good reason.

Sketches of SXSW Archetypes | The View from a Local Company

sxsw characters.001

As a local Austin company, we have a love/hate relationship with South by SouthWest (SXSW). We love the shows and the action, but parking sure is a drag right now. As a diversion from our day jobs (writing about EHR software, and such), we thought we’d sketch out some of the archetypical characters we’ve been seeing around.

Software Advice Certified to Display TRUSTe Privacy Seal of Approval

Software Advice, today announced that its Web site has been certified to display the TRUSTe Privacy Seal, which demonstrates its commitment to consumer privacy and trust online. TRUSTe, the leading privacy certification and seal program, awards its privacy seal only to companies that complete the rigorous TRUSTe certification process.

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