Ashley Halligan

Property Management Analyst

Ashley joined the Software Advice team in fall 2011. She’s specifically focused on covering best practices, what-to-know and industry trends of the property, facilities and maintenance management markets. When Ashley’s not reporting and sharing insights for Software Advice, she can be found taking photos on rarely-ventured backroads with her nomad dog Timber, finding mischief (and wine) in foreign countries and volunteering with the elderly. With a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Marietta College, she’s been a freelance travel writer and editor for nearly four years, working for editorial travel sites and local magazines. She also adores vintage hardback books, tutus and hosting Tuscan-themed dinner parties.

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Recent Articles by Ashley Halligan

Why Property Owners Should Consider Micro-Apartments

micro apartments featured

Micro-apartments are designed to target middle-class, single, and Generation Y residents in urban centers. Property managers in densely-populated cities have the opportunity to capitalize on this trend. This could be an opportunity to convert units into micro-units, yielding more rentals in your portfolio.

Drones: A Controversial Eye in the Sky for Property Managers

Drone in the sky

The FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act will require the FAA to accept the flight of drones in U.S. airspace by 2015. Potential commercial uses for UAVs is of interest to both real estate and property management professionals. What’s the potential future of drones in the U.S. market?

3 Energy Management & Environmental Performance Apps Any Organization Can Afford


Energy management and environmental performance have become integral parts in managing commercial buildings. To meet demand, software developers have launched a range of apps performing energy-related tasks and consumption assessments. Here’s three affordable (and free) apps your organization should know about.

Bringing in 2012: How Your Nonprofit Can Capture December’s Giving Trend

Holiday Fundraising

December represents 1/3 of all online giving. And statistics show December donors tend to give more than other months. What should nonprofits do to capitalize on this valuable year-end giving trend? Here’s suggestions from authors around the Web for organizations vying for a piece of the seasonal pie.

3 Steps to Achieving Zero-Waste

Waste Diversion Efforts

General Motors recently announced its 100th facility to become landfill free. And many other companies–across a slew of industries–are implementing similar programs. I spoke with several industry experts about what it takes to achieve waste diversion. Here are three steps to get started.