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David researches and reports on three industries: accounting, nonprofit, and professional services software. Away from the ERP software blogosphere, David enjoys playing tennis, reading, traveling, and cooling off from the hot Texas summers in the pool. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Baylor University in 2010.

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Recent Articles by David Matthew

Farming Efficiency with Agricultural Accounting Software

Combine Harvester

Today’s farmer recognizes the value of implementing advanced technology to minimize labor and maximize profits. But this implementation is often narrow, with many farmers making major investments in agricultural equipment but neglecting to make similar investments in other areas of their operation that could save money.

What is the Real Value of Social Media for Nonprofits?

Social Media Pic

Tools like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube can help your organization reach and engage an entire audience with no upfront costs. However the real cost of social media comes in many other forms: time spent creating compelling content and having people on staff who can maintain your many social media accounts.

Altruism & Accountability | Finding Balance with Nonprofit Software

Greg Mortenson

A lot of great movements flounder when nonprofit management is not taken seriously. As the case of Greg Mortenson shows, being an agent of change means more than having bright ideas with little follow through – it also means staying diligent in your business operations to ensure your vision leaves the right legacy.

Peachtree vs QuickBooks | A Comparison for Small Business Owners

Peachtree Demo

As a small business owner, your to-do list is a mile long. Accounting software programs can help simplify some of the items on this list. Peachtree and Quickbooks dominate the small business accounting software market, making slightly different products to address slightly different needs.