Houston Neal

Houston worked at Software Advice from 2007 to 2015. He joined the company shortly after it started and was lucky to be part of its growth, eventually leading to an acquisition by Gartner. During his tenure he helped with everything from picking up breakfast tacos to developing content strategy to building a research team in India. He also penned a few articles over the years, covering trends in software and technology.

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Software Advice helps buyers find the right software for their business. Our experts constantly publish product profiles, comparisons, best practices guides and other research to this site. These experts are also available by phone to provide free consultations for software buyers.

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Recent Articles by Houston Neal

Business Intelligence 101 | A Beginner’s Guide to BI Software

OLAP Cube Thumbnail

If the words “extract transform load” sound like a foreign language, you’re in the right place. Making sense of the business intelligence (BI) software market can be challenging for even the most technical of software buyers. It’s complex stuff, so we’re here to help you understand basic BI concepts.

Social CRM Doesn’t Exist, But a Need Does


Social CRM is to the social media craze what eCRM was to the dot com bubble. The enterprise apps community is hungry for a big new category and social CRM smells tasty. As a result, software vendors, tech media and research analysts are all racing to promote and opine on this new market.

ERP Implementation Strategies – A Guide to ERP Implementation Methodology

EHR Implementation Strategies

In choosing new ERP software, implementation is every bit as important as finding the right program. There are hundreds of articles on “best practices” for implementing ERP software, but understanding each strategy and choosing the best is hard. Here, we explore three of the most widely discussed implementation options.

The Coming Renaissance of Electrical Contracting


In the next ten to twenty years, “electrical contractor” will no longer be a suitable job title for electricians. They will transition into “energy contractors” to support the fast-growing green construction market. We see this as a coming renaissance in electrical contracting.

Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing – Understanding the Difference Between GP, NAV, SL and AX


In establishing its foothold in the ERP software market, Microsoft has acquired no less than thirteen companies. Now Microsoft – and their prospects – face the challenge of sorting through the various applications in the Microsoft Dynamics family. With the recent launch of our ERP software service, we decided to shed some light on the Dynamics product.