Lara Zuehlke

From the litany of straight A’s in English and “talks too much” checks on her report cards, it was clear at a young age that Lara Zuehlke was destined for a career in communications. After earning a Bachelor's of Arts in Journalism from Texas A&M University, Lara got her start as a reporter and editor for two national telecommunications trade magazines in Houston. She then moved into higher education where she launched and managed both print and electronic magazines.

Over her 14-year career, Lara has written for virtually every type of print and electronic media for a wide range of organizations – ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 firms. Lara’s work has garnered numerous honors and awards from industry organziations, such as Telly Awards and the International Association of Business Communicators.


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From Y2K preparations to the rise of dotcoms, there was a surge of growth in the late 1990s. Clearly, the pace and breadth of innovation that led us into the new millennium completely changed everything. And after the dotcom bubble burst, we were in store for another evolution with the rise of mobile and cloud technology.

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What seems to be a relatively transparent interaction for us laypeople has been a long road for the engineers, programmers and developers whose hunger for innovation make life simpler today. By the 1970s, the industry was embarking on an entirely new frontier – the birth of personal computing.

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It’s a story with numerous personalities, mind-boggling inventions and the giants that we know as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Microsoft and Apple. From the early days of programming languages to the booms, busts and consolidations – the maturation of enterprise software has changed the way we do business.