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Lauren writes about various topics related to CRM software, and often reports live from major industry events. She has particular interest in marketing automation and social CRM, and her work has been featured in Forbes and The New York Times. She is a graduate of the University of Texas with a bachelor's degree in journalism.


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Recent Articles by Lauren Carlson

Three Alternatives to Your Offshore Call Center

Globe in the dark

A new bill going through Congress is threatening the future of offshore call centers, a resource many companies rely on for their customer service operations. This article discusses some cost-effective alternatives to offshoring and highlights three companies that seem to have figured it out.

Marketo Releases RPM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Last week, our Software Advice team attended Microsoft Convergence 2012. While there, I was fortunate enough to snag an exclusive interview with Jon Miller, the VP of Marketing for Marketo, to discuss the announcement of Marketo’s new support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as well as other hot topics related to RPM.

5 Ways Women in Sales Sabotage Their Success


It’s 2012, and the topic of sexual equality in the workplace is still ever-present. Society points a finger at male-dominated companies and organizations, telling them to wake up and recognize women as powerful forces in business. But could women be part of the problem, too?

Gamification: The Key to Preventing Support Agent Burnout

Game Controller Zoom

The support team environment is a demanding one, where support agents can get easily burned out, leading to a high turnover rate. In this article, I focus on how adding gaming elements can boost employee retention by providing help desk agents with a sense of accomplishment.

5 Social Media Strategies for B2B Sales Success

Social App Wheel

The average B2B deal size is on the decline. Why? Larger deal sizes involve more complex buying processes, so how can B2B salespeople reduce that complexity to help boost deal sizes? Social media may be part of the answer. We list 5 strategies B2B salespeople can use to boost their sales.